About our sod:

1 roll of sod = 10 sq. feet, Dimensions: 24" x 60", Thickness: 1 1/2", Weight: about 40 lbs.
1 pallet of sod = 500 sq. feet, Weight: about 1700 lbs.


Our BLEND is our most popular variety which is 33% Kentucky Blue grass, 33% Rye, and 33% Fescue. This is a fine bladed dark green grass.

Our FESCUE is 90% medium dwarf fescue and 10% Kentucky Blue grass. This is a wider bladed grass that can handle extreme heat and is also shade tolerant.

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How To: Turf Installation Guide

 Prepare your Soil:  

Rototill (not too deep, 6 inches should be sufficient), rake and smooth the area.  Clear away rocks, large clods and roots.  It is best to install a sprinkler system before laying turf.  Allow soil to be 1 ½ inches below grade (bare dirt should be 1 ½ inches below sidewalks, driveways, etc…).  We suggest any 3 blend pre-plant fertilizer such as 15-15-15 and granular gypsum to be spread on your prepared surface just before installing the turf.  25 pounds of fertilizer and 25 pounds of  granular gypsum per thousand square feet should be sufficient.  Water your prepared area to settle the soil and provide a moist base for the turf.  Granular gypsum is our favorite low cost soil amendment that binds clay particles so that water drains evenly.  It also gives you sulfur and calcium.

  Turf Installation:
Install turf immediately upon delivery.  If you are unable to do so, place the unlaid stacks of turf in a shaded area and sprinkle with water.  Begin by laying the rolls of turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk.  Butt the ends and edges together tightly.  A brick-like pattern is best, staggering the joints in each row.  Use a large sharp knife to cut the turf to fit your area.  Try not to use small strips along the edges, as these pieces do not retain enough moisture.  To avoid indentations and air pockets, try not to walk or kneel on the turf as it is being installed or just after watering.  Once your turf is laid, roll the entire area to improve contact with the soil.  Water your new lawn immediately. 

Put at least ½ to 1 inch of water within ½ hour on your newly installed lawn.  During the first 2 weeks after installation, water your lawn 3 times per day in the heat of the day to keep your lawn cool.  To prevent shrinkage, it is very important not to let the sod dry out in the first two weeks.


To maintain a beautiful lawn when the grass is well rooted, continue to water in the heat of the day, once a day or every other day.  Wait 2 weeks to mow your lawn for the first time.  Mowing height should be 2 ½ inches. “Scalping” it will cause brown spots.  Mow often and keep your mower blades sharp.

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About Pallets:
There is a deposit fee of $12 per pallet – refundable when we get the pallet back.

Pallet Return Policy: We cannot afford to come back to every job site to pick up pallets. If you want to return the pallets, just call us and we will let you know of the next job site we will be delivering to that is in your area.  When you bring the pallets to our next delivery site, please attach your name, address and number of pallets you are returning to one of the pallets. We will then send a refund check to you by mail.

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