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Firewood Sales:

                                                      Tower of firewood - Juniper or Pine.



  Close up photo of Almond wood                      "Stack" of Almond wood (sorry, photo would not rotate)

Some of our firewood is sold in "towers".  

The dimensions of our towers are 4' x 4.25' x 8.75'


New Product! Almond wood "stack":​  shrink wrapped on a pallet (not in a tower). $189 per stack.

                         This "stack" is approximately 4'x4'x4'. See photo above. Almond is a high BTU hardwood.

                         No deposit for the pallet (we do not want the pallet back).

Pine Firewood:
we have 2 types of pine available:  a mix of fir (about 90% doug fir & 10% pine) or​

                           Lodgepole  split and hand stacked $225per "tower" or $179for 3/4 of a tower 

Juniper Firewoodsplit and hand stacked $225 per "tower" or $179 for 3/4 of a tower. 


We have designed and created our own special container for the firewood - we call it a "tower".
Each “tower” is 4 ft. x 4.25 ft. x 8.75 ft., with a steel roof on top and are tightly packed with your firewood!
All this is delivered by forklift!  No need for restacking.

We now have a new tower size: 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 6ft 10inches, also with a steel roof and can hold 3/4 of a large sized tower. These can fit just inside a garage with our low profile forklift!

Tower deposit fee is $30 per tower, refundable when we pick up the tower after you have used all the wood or we can swap it out when you order more wood. Tower deposit fee is waived if you purchase 3 or more towers!
No refunds or returns on firewood, only deposits on towers are refundable.

Siskiyou County residents:
We accept Great Northern vouchers for wood purchases (firewood and wood pellets).  You can apply for a Home Energy Assistance Program voucher by going to this website:

Wood Pellet Sales:
Pacific Pellet: 100% Douglas Fir
(check out their website at $259 per ton delivered by forklift
Our forklift places the pallet directly into your garage! 
Or you can come to our farm and pick it up for a discounted price of $239 for Pacific Pellets.

VISA and MASTERCARD accepted!
(3% fee added for processing debit and credit cards)
Delivery fees:  Free delivery for 2 or more items, $10 delivery fee when only 1 item is purchased.

Sod farm and much more!